Premium Self-adhesive Microfiber fabric "Suede leather - Suede" - Black

Premium Self-adhesive Microfiber fabric "Suede leather - Suede" - Black

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With this self-adhesive microfiber fabric, you can tailor your interior


  • Creates a beautiful and individual design in the interior
  • Make your car more modern/sporty
  • Easy installation thanks to stretchable film
  • Can be retrofitted "easily" at any time
  • Gives your vehicle an elegant and high-quality look
  • Also ideal if you are unhappy with your existing decorative stripe look, whether new or used
  • Protects your moldings and other parts from damage

The conversion can be carried out on most car models without special tools.

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Technical specifications:

Thickness: 0.8mm
Size: Available in several sizes
Width: 143cm

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1,0×1,46 meters, 1,5×1,46 meters, 2,0×1,46 meters, 2,5×1,46 meters, 3,0×1,46 meters, 4,0×1,46 .5,0 meters, 1,46×XNUMX meters