Custom carbon steering wheel for Mercedes Benz AMG Facelift 09-21 Incl. Buttons & Airbag

Custom carbon steering wheel for Mercedes Benz AMG Facelift 09-21 Incl. Buttons & Airbag
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NOTE: Incl. airbag and buttons.

If in stock: 7-14 days delivery

Delivery time is longer if the steering wheel is to be produced or specially made as desired.


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  • Steering wheel individually adapted to your needs
  • Choose from: Smooth leather, perforated leather, alcantara, carbon and more.
  • Decorative stitching in your favorite color
  • Possibly with 12 o'clock, top stripe on the steering wheel
  • Optional shape, padding and thumb grip for an even more racial feel

Your steering wheel is worn, old or you just do not like it anymore - We know that. Do you want a sporty feeling and quality between your hands?

Use the configurator and adjust your new steering wheel with our help!

Important information:

- Some steering wheels cannot be made with a flat bottom if a plastic clip or similar is installed around the lower part of the steering wheel, which is necessary.

- If you have a heated steering wheel, a lane departure warning system or other electrical aids that interact with the steering wheel, please let us know. In most cases, these do NOT work after customization. 

- If the steering wheel heating is to continue to work, do not select at. 12, padding, change in seam transitions or change in shape (thumb supports, flattening, etc.). In this case, the leather is only "pulled over". If you do not tell us that this is desired, we pull off the old leather and thus automatically remove the steering wheel heater.

The steering wheel: • Please confirm that your original steering wheel matches our steering wheel. • Our steering wheel is made of 100% real carbon fiber • You can choose all colors on the top strip and for sewing. • You can choose perforated leather, smooth leather, alcantara on the sides. • We can make all types of carbon, gloss carbon, matt carbon, forged carbon, honeycomb carbon, gold flake etc .. • We use OEM / Original steering wheel core, 100% safety to fit. • If you do not find a steering wheel you like on the website, please contact us. 

2.Production: • If the steering wheel is not in stock, it takes about 15-25 days to produce it. • Production time is from Monday to Friday.

3.Shipping: • We choose the fastest express delivery, which takes about 2-7 days from our headquarters, to the whole world.

These are custom-made steering wheels, and there is no right of return on them - for that reason. If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us!

Course of action:

  1. Configure your new steering wheel and upload a picture of your steering wheel so we can make sure which steering wheel it is.
  1. Buy the steering wheel on our website and pay in advance.
  1. We take a steering wheel from our warehouse * or get a steering wheel core home, and make the desired steering wheel.
  1. As soon as it is ready, we will send the custom steering wheel to your address.
  1. Then you can replace your old steering wheel, plug & play.

Installation instructions:

  • Work, especially on AIRBAGS, may only be performed by qualified personnel / workshop.
  • For vehicle models where the plastic parts, such as the steering wheel lock, buttons or the like, grip the steering wheel leather, it may be necessary to squeeze this leather together or even cut it after it has been reupholstered. This is completely normal and unfortunately can not be prevented, as the leather still has to settle. This is e.g. Often the case with the F-Series from BMW.

Legal notice

  • The word Alcantara is a protected trademark. We make it clear that we only use the mark to identify the material used.
  • Be sure of your choice. We manufacture the steering wheel according to your individual wishes. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products designed according to the customer's requirements. Returning your order is therefore excluded.
  • It is handmade and therefore there will ALWAYS be manufacturing tolerances. We can not guarantee uniform seams, edges, patterns, etc.
  • If we do not have a suitable steering wheel available for order processing, we reserve the right to cancel the order. We do not have all steering wheel models for every car in stock. You will be made aware of this if this is the case with your order.

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vægt 3 kg
Size 41x41x17 cm

Red, Blue, White, Black

Choose leather

Alcantara, Perforated Leather, Leather

Top stripe

Red, Black, White, Blue, None