BMW CarPlay and Android Auto interface For BMW CIC NBT EVO System

BMW CarPlay and Android Auto interface For BMW CIC NBT EVO System


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NBT System
BMW 1 Series F20/F21 (2011-2017) requires a screen
BMW 2 Series F23 Convertible (2013-2016) Original NBT System

BMW 2 Series F22/F45 MPV (2013-2016) original NBT system

BMW 3 Series F30/F31/F34 (2013-2016) original NBT system

BMW 4 Series F32/F33/F36 (2013-2016) original NBT system

BMW 5 Series F07/F10/F11/F18 (2013-2017) original NBT system

BMW 6 Series F06/F12/F13(2013-2017) original NBT system

BMW 7 Series F01 F02 F03(2013-2016) original NBT system

BMW MINI F56 Original 6.5/8.8 inch screen with NBT System

BMW X1 F48 (2016-2017) original NBT system
BMW X3 F25 (2013-2016)
BMW X4 F26 (2013-2016) original NBT system
BMW X5/X6 F15 F16 F18 F85(2013-2016) original NBT system

CIC System
BMW 3 Series F30/F31/F34 (2013) original CIC system
BMW 5 Series E60 (2005-2010) F10/F11(2011-2012) original CIC system
BMW 5 Series F07 GT(2010-2012) original CIC system
BMW 7 Series F01 F02(2010-2012) original CIC system
BMW X1 E84(2009-2015) original CIC system
BMW X3 F25(2011-2013) original CIC system
BMW X4 F26(2011-2013) original CIC system
BMW X5/X6 E70 E71(2011-2014) original CIC system

EVO System
BMW 1 Series (F20 / F21) – (2017-2019)
BMW 2 Series (F22) – (2017-2019)
BMW 3 Series (F30 / F31) – (2017-2019)
BMW 4 Series (F32 / F33 / F36 / F83) – (2017-2019)
BMW 5 Series (G30 / G31) – (2017-2019)
BMW 7 Series (G12) – (2016-2019)
BMW X3 (F25) – (2017-2019)
BMW X4 (F26) – (2017-2019)
BMW X5 (F15) – (2017-2019)
BMW X6 (F16) – (2017-2019)

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1. Work with wireless Apple CarPlay, pairing via Bluetooth, transfer via WIFI. 2. New Airplay function, connected with USB cable, playing movie/navigation/music with iPhone 3. To Work with Wired CarPlay also, turn off wifi at first, and connect via lighting cable(wired keep your phone charged at the same time) 4. Android Auto, Android Mirroring-Link for Android Phones 5. GPS navigation Apps, Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps are all available, live traffic information 6. Music Apples Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon through factory PCM media, lyrics show on display for some apps. 7. Voice control by saying “Hey Siri…” 8. Aftermarket front/rear/360 camera input. (Dynamic guidance lines are supported) 9. USB flash drive to play music and videos by connecting USB port from CarPlay kit 10. EQ adjustable.The best audio quality. Freely choose your favorite style (Pop, Rock, Soft, Standard..) 11. Full OEM buttons control.

1) Before purchasing, please send the pictures of Car's center console to the seller to confirm.
2) Before installing, please make sure that your car's AUX is activated.
3) The product support upgrade firmware, 2 years of Warranty.

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